FILE – Egyptian Tourism Advisor in China, Dr. Abu Al-Maati Saleh Shaarawy FILE – Egyptian Tourism Advisor in China, Dr. Abu Al-Maati Saleh Shaarawy

Egypt among top ten Chinese tourist destinations in 2017

Thu, Dec. 14, 2017
CAIRO – 14 December 2017: Egypt has been awarded as one of the top ten tourist destinations in the Chinese tourist market in terms of high quality tourist destinations.

Abu Al-Maati Saleh Shaarawy, Egyptian tourism advisor in China, received the award at the 2017 awards ceremony organized by B2B, the largest specialized tourist magazine in the Chinese market, for professionals and tour operators.

Photo: 1: Dr. Abu Al-Maati Saleh Shaarawy during the ceremony

The award came as the culmination of the ambitious marketing and promotional efforts exerted by the Egyptian Tourism Office in the Chinese market and the concerted efforts of the Egyptian diplomatic mission in China, as well as the Egyptian-Chinese relations.

Photo: 2: Part of the ceremony in China

The Chinese tourist market to Egypt achieved nearly 300,000 Chinese tourists until November this year. China came seventh in terms of the top 10 export markets to Egypt and 10th in terms of nights spent by Chinese tourists.

The Egyptian Tourism Office in Beijing also participated in the international tourism fair in Chengdu, and extensive meetings were held with the tour operators in Sichuan and Chinese media.

Photo: 3: Egyptian Tourism Advisor in China, Dr. Abu Al-Maati Saleh Shaarawy, received the award

The office also arranged a meeting with Sichuan Airlines, and there is cooperation to send two direct flights from Chengdu to Cairo, as well as two regular direct flights from Kunming to Cairo through Chinese Sichuan Airlines.

Earlier, the Chinese government announced in February that Egypt is one of the most important countries in the world attractive to Chinese tourists due to its originality and history. Cairo was also named the best tourist city for tourists from China in 2016.
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