Aswan governorate – file photo Aswan governorate – file photo

Aswan city joins UNESCO GNLC

Wed, Sep. 6, 2017
CAIRO – 6 September 2017: UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning UIL welcomed Egypt’s Aswan to join the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities GNLC on Tuesday.

Aswan submitted an integrated report in May 2016, which asserted the availability of educational and cultural foundations, besides training centers and various museums, said Aswan Governor Magdy Hegazy.

Following international measurements, a modern school model would be designed so that it could be generalized, according to Hegazy’s statement, to help students gain learning and research skills. The school should include open libraries and laboratories for scientific research.

The Workforce Improvement and Skills Enhancement (WISE) project selected in August over 2,300 Egyptian teachers and school staff from 28 schools in five governorates, including Aswan, to provide students career guidance.
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