Slovenia tied with Belarus in Egypt 2021


Tue, 19 Jan 2021 - 07:04 GMT

CAIRO, 19 January 2021: The Russian national team drew 32-32 with its Belarusian counterpart in the match that brought them together today, Thursday, in Group E of the World Handball Cup, which Egypt will host until January 31.


Slovenia coach Ljubomir Vranjes has extoled the performance of his team’s players after coming from behind to beat Belarus in the third round of Group H game as well as securing the runners-up place.


The Junaki defeated Belarus 29:25 in the third round of Group H games of the 27th IHF Men’s Handball World Championship - Egypt 2021 at Borg Al Arab Sports Hall, Alexandria on Monday.

“I appreciate the show of my team’s players during the game as they developed their performance in the second period and managed to snatch the victory,” Vranjes said.

“We managed to change the 6 goals lead for the Belarus to our side and finished the game with 4 goal lead over our opponents,”

“I succeeded in changing the defence tactics during the game that helped us to win the game,” the Slovenia coach added.

Slovenia reached the main round of the 27th IHF Men’s Handball World Championship, after snatching the runners-up place in Group H with four points after playing three games in the preliminary round.

They started their mission in the tournament by defeating Republic of Korea before losing to the Russian Handball Federation.

“I don’t know the team who will face in the main round as we prepare for each game according to the schedule,”
“We do our best to improve our performance as well putting on a superb performance during the games,”

Meanwhile, Slovenia playmaker Dean Bombac confirmed that his team will arrive in Cairo and fight to achieve the victory to march on in the World Championship.

“We started the tournament in a poor performance but we succeed to comeback and achieve advanced place in the group ranking,” Bombac said.

On the other hand, Belarus coach Iouri Shevtsov blames missing more score chances by his team’s players, confirming his team performed well in the first period but they lost concentration in the second one.

“Slovenia team made use our mistakes and managed to snatch the victory as well as claiming the runners-up place of the group,” Shevtsov.

“There are no accurate expectations for the games that will be played in the main round as all the teams equals in performance,” the Belarus tactician added.

“We will do our best to avoid our mistakes in coming games as well as putting on a superb performance,” he said.





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