Arteta confirms recovery from coronavirus


Tue, 24 Mar 2020 - 06:35 GMT

Arteta - FILE

Arteta - FILE

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s manager, confirmed earlier on Monday evening that he has fully recovered from the coronavirus.

Arteta is believed to have contracted the disease earlier this month after meeting with Evangleos Marinakis, Olympiacos’ president, following Arsenal’s match against Olympiacos in the Europa League.

The 37-year-old manager [Arteta] spoke to Spanish television channel La Sexta about his experience with the coronavirus disease.

“I am very well now. I feel that I have recovered," Arteta expressed, according to BBC.

Additionally, Arteta revealed the story behind him being tested positive with coronavirus and how he informed Arsenal’s board.

“I got a call from the board of directors after training while I was in my car and they told me the president of Olympiakos had tested positive, and everyone who had been in contact was at risk.
"I went on to tell them that I wasn't feeling well and that we had a situation because we had lots of players that had been in contact with them,” Arteta added, as reported from BBC.
The Premier League decided to suspend England’s top flight football until late April after the Spanish manager [Arteta] was tested positive with coronavirus along with other Premier League players.
Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China on 1 December 2019 around 374,000 people were infected and about 16,000 people died because of the disease.



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