Klopp and Guardiola
Klopp and Guardiola

Klopp shocked by UEFA'S decision to ban Manchester City

Mon, Feb. 17, 2020
Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s manager, is shocked by the UEFA's decision to ban Manchester City from playing in European competitions in the next two years.

""It was a shock. Complete wow,” Klopp said in Liverpool’s post match press conference against Norwich, reporting from Goal.

Additionally, the German manager [Klopp] feels sorry for Manchester City’s squad and manager [Pep Guardiola] as he believes that they didn’t do anything wrong and that such matters are controlled by the board.

"I really feel for them, Pep and the players, but that is how it is. They can appeal so we will see what happens then. It is obviously serious. But the football they played was exceptional and will always be exceptional," Klopp added, reporting from Goal.

The UEFA imposed a two year ban on the Premier League champions [Manchester City] after stating that City failed to abide by the Financial Fair Play rules and regulations during the period of 2012 to 2016.

However, such ruling isn’t final as Manchester City has the opportunity to appeal on the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Manchester City is currently allowed to continue participating in this year’s Uefa Champions League, but won’t be allowed to participate in the upcoming two years.
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