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Zamalek heads to Qatar to face Esperance

Tue, Feb. 11, 2020
The Qatar Football Association has announced that it has run out of tickets for the African Super match between Zamalek and Tunisia's Esperance Sportive.

Zamalek, CAF Confederation Champion, and CAF Champions League winner Esperance will face the Champions League next Friday in a fiery confrontation in the African Super.

African Super tickets were released online at the beginning of February, before the Qatari federation announced that they were completely depleted.

Zamalek delegation is preparing to leave Egypt on Tuesday heading to Qatar in preparation for the Tunisian Esperance match.

The Zamalek delegation will fly on February 11th, first to Jordan, before heading to Qatar.

It is expected that the Zamalek delegation will arrive in Qatar on Tuesday 11th of this month.
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