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CAHB demands canceling Zamalek club head’s signature

Fri, Oct. 5, 2018
CAIRO – 5 October 2018: Head of the African Handball Confederation Mansourou Aremou demanded the cancelation of Zamalek club President Mortada Mansour’s signature, along with considering his entire correspondence void.

In an official memo, Aremou sent to the African Handball Confederation (CAHB) Secretary General Charles Omboumahou, he explained that his demand comes following Mansour’s offensive comments towards the president of the International Handball Federation, which considered to be jeopardizing to his honor and the respect.

And here is the full memo Aremou sent to CAHB’s Secretary General

In the document attached below, the President of the Egyptian Handball Federation has informed me of the sanctions taken against Mr.Mortada Mansour, President of Club Zamalek, following the excessive and offensive comments he made towards the President of the International Handball Federation.

In my humble opinion; such comments, made public in the media and addressed to a personality in charge of a high mission, are bound to jeopardize his dignity, his honor and the respect due to the office he holds.

Therefore, pending consultation with the Executive Committee members on the subject, | ask you to no longer credit the signature of Mr Mortada Mansour and consider as null and void any correspondence from the person concerned.

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