CAPTION: FILE – Khaled Galal

CAPTION: FILE – Khaled Galal

Galal: Obama didn’t intent to hurt Samir

Sun, Apr. 29, 2018
CAIRO – 29 April 2018: Khaled Galal, the new temporary coach of Zamalek, assured that Yousef Ibrahem, well known as Obama, did not intend to hurt Al-Ahly defender Saad Samir in the last derby between the two teams held on Thursday which ended with Zamalek’s 2-1 victory.

“We hope that Saad gets well soon and we wish for him the best of luck with the national team, but there’s nothing in our dictionary which says that a player would ever intentionally hurt another player,” Galal said commenting on what had been said on the social media that Obama wanted to injure Samir on purpose.

Galal added in special remarks that Obama is one of Zamalek’s best players on all levels, and he did not want to hurt Al-Ahly’s defender, wishing for Samir a speedy recovery so that he would be able to participate with the national team in the upcoming World Cup held in Russia this summer.

Mortada Mansour, Zamalek’s president, said earlier in TV remarks that he will investigate whether Obama intended to hurt Saad Samir or not. If proven so, Obama will face punishment.
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