Solving the‘Burn-in-g’ issue: How Samsung’s Commitment to Premium Viewing Lasts a Lifetime


Sat, 07 Nov 2020 - 07:56 GMT

Solving the‘Burn-in-g’ issue: How Samsung’s Commitment to Premium Viewing Lasts a Lifetime

Solving the‘Burn-in-g’ issue: How Samsung’s Commitment to Premium Viewing Lasts a Lifetime

TVs are the centerpiece of any home. They provide viewers with countless hours of entertainment, new eras of immersion, and a lifetime of lasting memories. As we enter a new realm of viewing experiences, world-class televisions available today are pushing the boundaries of resolution, color, and brightness to never-before-seen levels.

However, the lasting impression that consumers don’t want their TVs to leave behind is that of burn-in. Also known as ‘television image retention’, theburn-in issue is one of the keyburning issues of the industryand has plagued home entertainment possibilitiesfor some time. When a television isn’t able to cope with the strains of time, entertainment suffers – often at consumers’ literal and metaphorical expense. Whether playing video games, streaming movies, or binge-watching TV series, burn-in degrades TV quality and prevents viewers from fully immersing into the content they know and love.

Burn-in is a glaring issue that creates noticeable flaws to the quality of the overall home entertainment ecosystem. Defined as the lasting imprint of an image that has been static on the screen for an extended period of time, television image retention can ruin the entertainment experience. Although burn-in images sometimes correct themselves, they generally have aninclination to become permanent fixtures on the TV display. Understandably, these remnants and imperfections create a visible eyesore when overplayed on any content being emitted through the TV. But, more importantly, these burn-in issues project a breakdown in trust between consumers and the TV market.


Bridging the dividebetween consumers’ fear of burn-in and their demand for premium cinematic viewing experiences, Samsung has led the global TV industry for well over a decade due to the company’s tenacity towards producing meaningful innovations that provide everlasting memories for customers. Additionally, our 13 years at the top of the industry have taught us the necessity of placing an undeterred degree of trust into the products we create. We have also learnt that in order for this element of trust to be reciprocating from our valued customer bases, we must ensure our commitment towards crushing the conventional pain points of contemporary TV technologies never fades.

Upon innovating the technologically brilliant Samsung QLED lineup, solving the issue of burn-in has remained a top priority. Samsung’s QLED technology affirms the company’s stance as a market leader for the fact that burn-in has been diminished entirely. However, Samsung’s dedication to eradicating burn-in runs far deeper. The company’s commitment to QLED innovation, and its confidence in its products, is sky high because every piece of technology is innovated with consumers at front of mind. This sureness is exhibited through Samsung’s QLED TV Lifetime Burn-In Warranty.


While we seek to deliver durable QLED TV solutions that provide a burn-in free experience, thanks to the use of inorganic Quantum dots that don’t degrade over time, we have gone one step further with the ultimate lifetime warranty to reassure consumers that our QLED TVs are up to the task of deliveringexceptional picture quality for decades to come.


Samsung values thetrust of its customers and believes that it is a core concept towards forming lasting consumer-brand relationships. Backed by a commitment to innovating market-leading TVs with premium picture quality, vibrant color, and alluring brightness, we are enabling enriched and uninterrupted viewing experiences that delivereverlasting home entertainment memories. Everlasting TV innovations without everlasting burn-in imprints and a stamp of confidence; this is Samsung’s vivid promise offered to all our QLED TV customers.





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