The Muslim World League condemns the terrorist attacks in Nigeria and Chad


Sun, 29 Mar 2020 - 11:13 GMT

The Muslim World League

The Muslim World League

The Muslim World League expressed its strong condemnation and denunciation of the attack that targeted a group of soldiers on the island of Boma in the Republic of Chad, causingdozens of dead and wounded.

The Muslim World League also expressed its strong condemnation anddenunciation of the attack that targeted the Nigerian army in the country’s north-east and resulted in dozens of dead and wounded.

The Rabita’s statement issued by His Excellency its SecretaryGeneral and Chairman of the Council of Muslim Scholars Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Bin Abdulkarim Alissa said that these terrorist acts will only intensify the war on terrorism throughconsistency and strength, highlighting the importance of continuing to coordinate efforts to fight this scourgeintellectually and to rout its evil from its roots, along with military confrontation that has so muchembattled terrorism.

He pointed out that terrorism was founded on deviant ideology that spring to lifeintermittently, however, its complete downfall lies in exposing the truth of itsdevious ideas and dismantling all its suspicions, which are based on a systematic misconception in which enabled it to infiltrate some of its targets.

The MWL’s statement mentioned the great role played by the Islamic military alliance to fight terrorism, which encompassed forty-one Muslim countries as active members of this important alliance, in addition to other supportive countries. The statement further praised its four battle-axes; namely military, intellectual and media confrontationsin addition to targeting terrorist financing through effective legislations and stern measures in mutual coordination amongst countries.

The statement also noted the vital efforts made by the international coalition against ISIS, adding that while terrorism sees those efforts tightening the noose around its neck still persists on rearing its ugly head to announce its presence through desperate criminal acts.



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