“Uncover The Treasure Within Healing Retreat” Emotional Therapist Rania Ashraf explains benefits of retreats



Thu, 26 Dec 2019 - 01:43 GMT


Thu, 26 Dec 2019 - 01:43 GMT

Trainer and therapist specializing in the field of emotional fitness Rania Ashraf

Trainer and therapist specializing in the field of emotional fitness Rania Ashraf

The word “Retreat” has become a constant word in recent times. What does Retreat mean? Did it become a fashion or a necessity to face the lifestyle now?

Let's go on a trip to Bali island with Emotional Therapist and Trainer Rania Ashraf to talk more about retreats.

Yoga class during the retreat

et: Who is Rania Ashraf, and what motivated you to work in this field?

Emotional Fitness Trainer and Therapist specialized and passionate on raising people’s emotional and psychological power.

The journey started from my personal experience.

Few years back, I was in the place of everyone who feels depressed, helpless, unhappy, angry, tired and about to lose himself. I went through a tough period trying to change everything and everyone around me. However, I found myself getting worse on all levels (physically, mentally and emotionally).Finally, I realized that it was me who has to change not the others!

I have studied and practiced many schools for well being from energy to coaching to spiritual to emotional.

After the TRANSFORMATION that happened to me, I recovered my life and I found a huge passion to help people do the same.

I became a certified Therapist and Trainer from one of the biggest schools of Emotional Therapy “Spiritual Technology school” for its founder, the Psychologist, Zivorad Slavinski.

et: What is a ‘Retreat’?

Retreat is a trip for some days in a calm place,during which you disconnect totally from yourresponsibilities, routineand all your life roles to just connect and have a deep reflection withYOURSELF!

What we did in Bali retreat was working deeply on all levels of Mind, Body and Soul.
Beside lots of activities during the retreat, we worked on identifying and resolving the obstacles and issues that stop you from being the person you want to be.

A retreat is a trip that takes you to many areas you have never went to before inside yourselfin order to heal any wounds or truma and eventually uncover the treasure within us.


et: What is the difference between spending time with oneself, and going for a retreat?

Spending time with ourselves alone is always good but usually our mind will be taking the lead, for good or for bad on a conscious level.

However, we may still be suffering and we don’t know what’s going inside on a deeper level.

Going to a retreat with a specialized therapist will help you dig inside your inner self, discover the wounded hidden parts that are causing the problem and heal them. It’s working on a deeper level which we all need nowadays.

In addition, being with a group of people having the same objective, all disconnected from their daily routines, sharing and working together on their innerselves, gives a magnified positive impact on everyone.


et: Who do you advise to go on retreat trip?

Anyone who feels disconnected from herself/himself, feels losing control on some life situations, trapped innegative emotions & thoughts and don’t know how to deal with them.

And for those who wantto have a better quality of life, want to raise their emotional fitness to deal with hard situations and want to heal the pain of the wounds inside.
The retreat allows you to pull back, get inspired, detox, and find yourself.
The retreat is a journey for being the real YOU so that you can discover the treasure within and Glow from inside out.






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