In pics: Lítla Dímun, uninhabited cloud-covered island


Sun, 01 Dec 2019 - 11:52 GMT

File: Litla dimun faroe islands cloud covered island - Wikipedia

File: Litla dimun faroe islands cloud covered island - Wikipedia

CAIRO - 1 December 2019: Lítla Dímun is a small, uninhabited island located between Surui Island and StoraDimon Island in Denmark's Faroe Islands; most of the time it is covered by a special kind of clouds called lenticular clouds.

Lenticular clouds were given this name because of their lens-like shape.These clouds are always stationary and do not move; when they are over the island, they form a royal hat shape.


It is very difficult to reach the island except when the weather is perfect and the sea is calm.The tourists do not usually visit the island but enjoy the charming landscape from the other side of Surui Island.

Most tourists who visit the island are mountaineering enthusiasts as the island is a charming place to practice this sport.

Lítla Dímun is considered the smallest island of 18 major islands, with an area of less than 100 hectares or 1 square kilometer, administratively dependent on the Kingdom of Denmark.


The island was the property of the Danish king, but it was difficult to get anyone to settle in the island as it is very steep; thus he decided to sell it.



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