Many visitors come to Abu Mena archaeological site in Alex.: official


Mon, 25 Nov 2019 - 10:02 GMT

Alexandria beach - Wikimedia Commons

Alexandria beach - Wikimedia Commons

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, Nov 25 (MENA) - Alexandria and North Coast Antiquities chief Mohamed Metwali underlined on Monday the importance of Abu Mena archaeological site in Alexandria, saying it was placed on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Yesterday, many visitors came to the site on the occasion of the anniversary of Saint Menas of Alexandria, who died in 296 A.D.

Abu Mena was a town, monastery complex and Christian pilgrimage center in Late Antique Egypt. It is located about 45 km southwest of Alexandria.

There are very few standing remains, but the foundations of most major buildings, such as the great basilica, are easily discernible.

It was named after Saint Menas (Abu Mena) who was martyred. His body was taken from Alexandria on a camel, which was led into the desert beyond Lake Mareotis. At some point, the camel refused to continue walking, despite all efforts to goad it.

This was taken as a sign of divine will, and the body was buried on that spot.



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