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Talking to yourself out loud… good or bad sign?

Fri, Feb. 15, 2019
CAIRO – 15 February 2019: Some people are often caught talking to themselves about matters related to their personal lives, their work or future projects such as, "What will I eat for lunch? When will I visit my friend? Or, what will I do regarding a certain problem or task at work?" all asked out loud while no one sits around.

When reading the autobiography of most well-known characters; we would find that they were talking to themselves such as Albert Einstein, who was accustomed to repeating sentences aloud several times, as he was not a big fan of social life, so as he grew up, he preferred to keep all of his ideas to himself. Most researchers in this field have found that talking to oneself aloud is not only normal but is indicative of extreme intelligence.

Studies have shown that talking to self makes you have the ability to sort your thoughts and know what you really want to do, as well as helping to ease stress and find better solutions to difficult problems and situations.

Studies also revealed that when we struggle with our problems and our daily crises we sometimes feel pressure, and it becomes harder to communicate with others, which makes feelings like negativity and frustration control the psychological state of the person. So, if you reached that point, simply, talk to yourself, this will calm your thinking and boost your self-esteem.

According to Peter Thomas, PhD, a licensed psychologist with Medical City McKinney in McKinney, Texas, you have to try to keep away from a negative behaviors and send yourself positive messages, as if to say to yourself: "I want to go out to play sports today….the atmosphere is nice and I grew well last night and a little exercise will be useful." This message is received by your mind as it looks at it and finds that everything is positive, this will increase your internal preparations to do it and then reach a state of satisfaction and happiness.

Are you your own worst critic? If your self-talk is constantly negative, that is not healthy, and you should practice some meditation or visit a psychiatrist before any unnecessary complication takes place.

Finally, talking aloud has an effect on the achievement of goals because our minds have what is known as the primary memory, which records everything we hear or read, and other memory of what we say loudly, which makes what we say more clear and consistent than other observations.
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