Pink Café in Luxor: No smoking, no men



Sun, 30 Apr 2017 - 08:33 GMT


Sun, 30 Apr 2017 - 08:33 GMT

Pink Cafe`

Pink Cafe`

CAIRO- 30 April 2017: Women in Upper Egypt can now enjoy drinks and a pleasant ambience in a private space exclusively designed for them. As the name suggests, Pink Café in the upper Egyptian governorate of Luxor, is a women-only place where women can group together and bask in a soothing harassment-free women’s haven.


The café is headed by the tongue-in-cheek motto: “no smoking, no men”
One can easily discern from the glossy pink and white colors, speckled all over the place, that men are not this café’s clientele.

“I started this project along with my sisters after being subjected to harassments several times in different cafes,” owner of Pink Café, Eman Sameh said.
“Women can enjoy their chats here with their children and friends in a totally safe atmosphere,” she added.


About the difficulties they faced to establish the café, Sameh said that some people mocked them while furnishing the café in addition to the difficulties in obtaining the needed permissions and licenses.

“At first, we were afraid that men wouldn’t let their wives or sisters to visit our café, but eventually they realized that it’s the safest place they can go to,” Sameh said.


The Pink Café staff is entirely composed of women. The café offers healthy food and drinks for kids at suitable prices and it has a secluded private space for breastfeeding.
“The service is great; the staff is friendly and nice to people, especially to children,” Soad Ahmed, one of the café’s customers said, reveling in the exclusive perks of the establishment.




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