Today’s Recipe: Chocolate Mug Cake


Tue, 04 Apr 2017 - 03:09 GMT

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Heaven in a mug. You can add peanut butter or Nutella in the middle
for a creamy texture and top with red chili rounds for an extra


4 tbsp flour
4 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp cocoa
1 egg
3 tbsp milk
4 tbsp oil
1 sachet vanilla
2 tbsp chocolate chips
1 tsp peanut butter or Nutella (optional)
2 rounds red chili (optional)

1. Place dry ingredients in your mug and mix well with a fork.
2. Whisk in egg then add milk, oil and vanilla. Mix well.
3. Add chocolate chips. Push a dollop of peanut butter or Nutella
into the center of the batter if desired.
4. Cook in microwave for three minutes — don’t worry if the cake
rises over the top of the mug.
5. Leave to cool for 1 minute then sprinkle a few rounds of red chili over top.



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