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Sat, 16 Dec 2017 - 10:00 GMT


Sat, 16 Dec 2017 - 10:00 GMT

A trainer flying at Aerodium in Cairo Festival City Mall in December 2017 - Egypt Today

A trainer flying at Aerodium in Cairo Festival City Mall in December 2017 - Egypt Today

CAIRO - 17 December 2017: The vertical open wind tunnel, which simulates a free fall and allows one to soar up in the air, is a new experience brought to Egypt. Egypt Today visited Aerodium Egypt to try flying without wings.

Aerodium has been operating in more than 30 countries all over the world and is now bringing this unique flying experience to Cairo Festival City Mall. Aerodium is located in the 5th Settlement, New Cairo. It is the first wind tunnel experience in Africa and the Middle East.

At first sight, flying in a wind tunnel is apparently easy. We saw people happily flying in the air responding to the trainer’s hand gestures, but when it came to practice on the real ground, it turned out to need more practice than we thought.

First, we fill in some information concerning our weight and age. That information is in accordance with the suitable velocity of the required air for flying. Finally, we pick our suits, expendable air plugs, helmets and goggles, getting ready to fly.

Fully dressed, we received a full training that started with the right position in the air. We also learned how to read the trainer’s hand gestures to stretch legs, to lift our chin up and to relax. Afterwards, we worked out and warmed up for about 20 minutes.

The actual flying technique is not easy to master on the first round. The instructor will fly with you and give assistance. Although the flying lasted for only a few seconds, it was exciting enough that we would like to fly over and over. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone turned out to be much more fun than imagined.

A trainer flying at Aerodium in Cairo Festival City Mall in December 2017 - Egypt Today

By changing the body's position, the laws of aerodynamics allow you to rise in the sky, perform all sorts of movements and feel unbelievable emotions. Once you master the art of flight, you can fly as high as you like and make flips and spins, feeling free as a bird.

“Our trainers were carefully selected from amongst 12 athletes with high levels of fitness. After selection, they received an extensive training course by highly specialized trainers from the International Aerodium Corporation over six months for seven hours per day,” Dr. Emad Sherif told Egypt Today Magazine about the trainers’ scientific background.

Speaking of the high safety standard, Emad added that the main corporation, Aerodium, monitors every movement within the wind tunnel to detect the safety of the game online 24 hours a day. There is an online remote control against fire accidents. Emad explained that “25 years ago and up to date we have zero accident rates.”

"Feel safe to try the experience and bring your friends along. Be sure we stick to the same rules of safety followed in the skydiving sport. The only restrictions for the unique experience are pregnant women and those who have had recent back operations," Emad commented on Egypt Today regarding recurrent inquiries concerning safety standards.

It was still a great experience to lie on your stomach without touching the ground even for a few minutes. Flying is no longer the impossible adventure that everyone aspires to try; nowadays, it could come true in Egypt.



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