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Fri, 24 Nov 2017 - 10:50 GMT


Fri, 24 Nov 2017 - 10:50 GMT

NIKE Hijab Pro - Sunday Omony/YouTube thumbnail

NIKE Hijab Pro - Sunday Omony/YouTube thumbnail

CAIRO – 24 November 2017: Technology is progressing at a rapid pace and, while many are afraid of the destruction that follows creating some inventions, we cannot deny the state of prosperity other inventions help reach.

Every year, Time magazine makes a list of the best of the year's inventions, from low-calorie ice cream and smartphones to sportswear and medical equipment. Here are some of the inventions which were on this year's list:

Halo Top: If this is not the future we all dreamed of, I do not know what is; a whole pint of ice cream which will leave you with only 240 to 360 calories, which almost quarter the number of calories in other pints of ice cream! Halo Top Creamery boldly encourages you to go ahead eat a whole pint. While some are debating how healthy Halo Top is, the arguments mainly revolve around its nutritional value, meaning even though it is full of protein, it is not harmful although not as useful as fruits or other organic foods, which consumers were okay with, rendering Halo Top America’s best-selling Ice cream pint, according to Time.

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1- Via Halo Top's official Facebook page

eSight 3: A pair of glasses which allows the legally blind to actually see! The invention works by taking a high-definition video of what is going on in front of the camera then enhancing and magnifying it in a way which allows legally blind people to see the details clearly.

Nike Pro Hijab: Some female athletes find trouble with their hijab while playing, they might be distracted while trying to adjust it and the material might bother them and affect their performance in some cases. Hence, Nike came up with Nike Pro Hijab to support all Muslim female athletes.

Apple's iPhone X:

iPhone X

is distinguishably unique; the bottom button has been a distinctive part of the iPhone since the beginning is finally gone as the screen now stretches to cover the whole front of the phone and the camera has been moved to the middle. Face recognition has been added for more privacy, even though it seems to be facing some


, in addition to the

many other software features

that were added to the device.

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2- iPhone X - FranciscoFdez - Pixabay



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