Ivory Bohemian Art’s Unconventional Jewelry Designs



Sun, 27 Nov 2016 - 01:43 GMT


Sun, 27 Nov 2016 - 01:43 GMT

Every once in a while boho-chic resurfaces in some form on the international fashion scene—and we all just fall in love with it all over again because it allows us to own our personal styles. Channeling the trend in local jewelry is Ivory Bohemian Art, founded in July 2015 by Egyptian jewelry designer Yomna Zaki, who has quickly made a name for herself with the brand’s unique rawness.

Zaki defines Ivory Bohemian Art as “a spiritual jewelry line influenced by multiculturalism.”

“Each piece is inspired by a different culture and uses healing crystals, semiprecious stones and cowrie shells in addition to iconic charms to create the signature Ivory style,” Zaki says.

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Perhaps the most appealing thing about Ivory jewelry is that it carries an intense feeling of rough, unhewn beauty. “What makes our jewelry special is that it holds intense symbolic meaning,” says Zaki, whose favorite symbols like the hamsa, Buddha, peace sign and the tree of life feature frequently in her designs. “We also use healing stones, each stone has a unique meaning, energy and properties. For instance, amethyst creates positive energy, clarity of mind and protects from the evil eye,” Zaki adds.

With its fresh appeal and interesting designs, Ivory Bohemian Art quickly started to gain popularity. “Now we have more than 6,000 followers on Instagram including a lot of Egyptian celebrities and vendors,” says Zaki, who proudly serves an average of 150 customers per month. Today, Zaki’s designs can be seen on celebrities like Amina Khalil, Tara Emad, Samar Morsi, Nadia Khairy, El Mohayseen team and Miss Egypt 2014-2015 Lara Debbane.

But Zaki says she started Ivory not necessarily for the rich and famous, but as a brand that can be accessible to a broader public. “My vision from the start was to create a luxury quality jewelry brand that embraces amazing bold stones and unique cuts at a price point that is of a great quality, not inexpensive but attainable. There is something for everyone’s style and budget.”


Zaki says she finds inspirations everywhere — travel, history, art, movies, rare finds along the way, friends and family.

Ivory Bohemian Art jewelry is available at Kaf Fatma (8 Rd. 213, Maadi Degla, next to Crave restaurant). Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



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