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Dining at Klash comic world

Sun, Aug. 27, 2017
Cairo – 27 August 2017: If you are a DC or Marvel comic fan and looking for a place to hang out, Klash is the place for you. Klash is the perfect place for every comic geek. They don’t just serve great food, they also sell comics and action figures that are every comic collector's dream.

We received a warm welcome from the restaurant’s manager as soon as we walked in. We were then presented with their extremely creative menu, in addition to, welcome drinks that are named after our favorite villains the Joker and Kryptonite. The Joker may be a little dark but it will put a smile on your face with its kiwi and apple mix, while Kryptonite is a gift to earth in the form of a refreshing green twist of lemon mint.

Photos by Egypt today

The interior of Klash is a world of its own; everything is modeled after your favorite superheroes, villains and comic memorabilia, giving you the true feeling that you are inside of a comic book.

Photos by Egypt today

Our comic journey began with appetizers; Chi Z fries (LE 53) and Atlantis fried calamari (LE59). The Chi Z fries are fries with melted cheese and minced meat, which were fantastic! The cheese was so good that we couldn’t let the plate go unfinished. The tartar sauce was the perfect side kick to the ever so crunchy Atlantis fried calamari. The two appetizers were delicious and can satisfy three eaters.

Photos by Egypt today

As we departed from the appetizers and moved on to the main courses, we indulged in a Dark Knight Burger (LE75), which comes in a black bun, served with caramelized onion and BBQ sauce. The burger itself was juicy and had us feeling like Batman, hands down. We also tried The Bobba Fettuccini (LE69); a dish of delicious steamy fettuccini pasta with a tummy filling mix of chopped parsley with strips of steak decorated with creamy balsamic sauce and roasted mushroom. The star of our night had to be The Three Avengers (LE 165). A charbroiled well-done (just the way we like it) steak fillet with three sauces (pepper, mushroom, and blue cheese sauce), it came with incredible sautéed vegetables and tasty mashed potatoes. It’s so good that we don’t recommend that you share it because you’ll end up fighting over it.

Photos by Egypt today

We can safely say that after the delicious meal we had, going home felt like a hero’s job. No matter how much we wanted to have dessert we couldn’t. We will be back for it since we’ve heard only great things about them. The food was delicious, the service was great, and the comic scenery was out of this world, almost literally!
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