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Mon, 31 Jul 2017 - 03:00 GMT


Mon, 31 Jul 2017 - 03:00 GMT

Venice city - Monika Sleszynska

Venice city - Monika Sleszynska

CAIRO - 31 July 2017: You will have much to admire in Venice as it is one of the grandest architectural heritage sites in the world. The city has a rich political, trading and artistic history. The northern Italian city of islands is set in the mouth of two rivers entering the Adriatic Sea, Po and Piave Rivers.

1 - St Mark’s Basilica, Venice - Monika Sleszynska

The buildings of Venice are architectural masterpieces. Admired for its ambiance and architectural style, the iconic city on water is set between water canals that connected by bridges.

2 - Water canals in Venice use special water road signs for transportation - Monika Sleszynska

You can move between the canals and islands through an extensive network of taxi buses or individually hired gondolas. The latter, typical Venetian wooden boats, will take you on a floating journey through the biggest gallery of Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, a UNESCO heritage site.

3 - Gondolas are traditional Venetian wooden boats suited to move through lagoons and canals - Monika Sleszynska

You will find 139 churches in Venice, numerous museums, galleries and the finest antiques. Carnival masks are fashionable souvenirs and so are items found at the many designer shops. While Italy is an international fashion center, Venice is the gallery on the water to enjoy artistic heritage in a most fashionable modern style.

4 - St Mark Square, Venice - Monika Sleszynska

Instead of the cars you will hear motor boats and floating gondolas on the canals. When on the in-land streets you will hear the live orchestras at squares and in restaurants. You will be welcomed by flying doves and human voices using Italian or other international languages.

5 - Watching doves fly and settling on the Venetian square is a mesmerizing experience - Monika Sleszynska

Walking amongst the streets you cannot escape the smell of the Italian kitchen. Passion for cooking is in the hearts and blood of Italians. When dining at the atmospheric restaurants, you will be met with a wide range of amazing Italian cuisine from pizzas and pastas, which will never taste better outside Italy, to the freshest Mediterranean salads, sea food and delicious deserts like tiramisu and truffles, all a perfect company to an espresso.

6 - Life on Venetian streets carries its own unique rhythm sound and flavor- Monika Sleszynska

Eating in Italy is a treat and it will be in Venice also at prices that exceed those of Rome. There are plenty of cafes to enjoy the best of Italian coffees in the sunshine or shade at tables along the squares’ and narrow streets. Staying at Venetian hotels you will be surrounded by beautiful pieces of art that transport your imagination to the times of the infamous Venetian mask balls and carnivals.

7 - Water canals neighbor with architectural masterpieces - Monika Sleszynska

Being stylish in Venice is easier than anywhere. Being surrounded by designer treasures from historical buildings to modern jewelers is a very inviting environment that can make you feel like being in a dream or movie. The city has been background to famous movies like ‘The Italian job,’ ’Casino Royale’ and ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Rider.’

Walking between the streets of Venice will take you past romantic bridges that connect to rows of stunningly colorful architecture and finding hidden squares, emoting the experience of local life hundreds of years ago.

8 - Islands of historical buildings are connected with bridges and pathways for unforgettable walks through the tiniest streets and corners of Venice - Monika Sleszynska

Venice is considered to be first international financial centre. Its wealthiest period of trading and commerce was between 14th and 17th century when fabrics spice and art flew abundantly through the maritime port of Venice.

9 - Venice extends to lagoon islands that can be reached by boat - Monika Sleszynska

There are not many Venetians when comparing to the number of tourists. The city is visited by 60,000 visitors daily, which means that the sum of tourists in four days is close to reaching the total number of residents. The percentage of residents originally from Venice has been decreasing gradually for years.

10 - Sunset over Venice - Monika Sleszynska

Taking a trip to surrounding islands and returning during the sunset gives an opportunity to witness the stunning panorama of the city when the sky turns into the warm shades of orange and red as the sun sets behind the buildings.

11 - Venice by night - Monika Sleszynska

At night, Venice turns into the city of floating lights when the water reflects the lighting from the buildings. The closeness of the buildings and canals creates a unique atmosphere.

Spring is the best time to visit before the heat has an effect on water, which might cause it to smell.



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