From sunset to moonrise at San Stefano’s pier



Thu, 27 Jul 2017 - 12:26 GMT


Thu, 27 Jul 2017 - 12:26 GMT

Sunset at the sea pier near San Stefano beach in Alexandria - Monika Sleszynska

Sunset at the sea pier near San Stefano beach in Alexandria - Monika Sleszynska

CAIRO - 27 July 2017: Amongst the central seafront areas of Alexandria stands famous shopping and hotel district - San Stefano. Here you can enjoy the sea view of Mediterranean waters from numerous cafes, restaurants and hotel windows set on the southern side of el-Geish Road. If you wish to be closer and feel the sea, you will find sea front beaches and outing venues from simple tables by the sea bay to sea food restaurants and Four Seasons hotel beach cafe.

The sea pier at San Stefano beach with panoramic sunset view over the Mediterranean Sea - Monika

Just few minutes west from the mall stretches public San Stefano beach with a wide concrete pier leading into the sea. Sunset time is a perfect time to stop by, entering from the paralleled to the sea busy el-Geish Road; you will find yourself in the pathway of serenity and joy.

Children playing at the top of San Stefano’s sea pier - Monika Sleszynska

As you pass by the wooden fishing boats and leave behind the bay filled with swimmers and tea drinkers, you will notice within few minutes how the sound from thousands of driving cars and beeps becomes more distant. With each step you will feel more wind and smell the sea breeze stronger. You will be welcomed by fragrance of grilled corn and fried sweets from the few stands at the pier.

Visitors sitting at the rocks watching sunset over the Mediterranean Sea - Monika Sleszynska

Soon you will be just with the wind and the sea where the sound of the city becomes more and more distant, almost inexistent. Instead you will notice the sounds of children playing and laughing, and you will see young boys setting off colorful wind kites on strings to fly up into the sky.

Men with a fishing rod at top of the pier overlooking Mediterranean Sea - Monika Sleszynska

Catching the sun setting down the horizon is a very beautiful view at the pier. The colors change smoothly as the sky shifts towards the nightly attire. Before shifting into deep blues, it gives a performance of warm colors and delicate shades. The sun sets beautifully behind the horizon in a perfect harmony with the horizontal line, nature's perfection and original design. The wind kites continue to fly up in the air in the serene sunset scene while the visitors are relaxing, sitting, walking, chatting and gazing at the sea.

Visitors at the top of San Stefano’s pier continue to watch the changing shades of sky and water - Monika Sleszynska

Somewhere in the middle of the pier sounds of guitar strings appear carried by the waves of wind. The sky colors above the horizon continue to change fast together with the colors of the sea reflecting the sunset on shifting waves. The sun slips down the horizon watched attentively by people in the front line at the end of the pier where it widens into oval platform. Few children play the ball while others are dancing joyfully in circles.

Visitors at San Stefano’s pier gather around men playing guitars while the moon crescent appears on darkening sky - Monika Sleszynska

The fisherman sits on the rocks patiently with his fishing rod, and the sun moves lower down the horizon and the city starts to lighten up with millions of lights appearing at the coastal buildings. As the main light of the day disappears another light enters the city; it is the light of urban architecture turning into distinctive image of city by night. The meandering setting of sea front road provides angle views with entwined tall buildings and car lights mingling far away on the coast line.

San Stefano’s sea pier in the colors of twilight over the Mediterranean Sea - Monika Sleszynska

The two young men with the guitars are playing and singing attracting others to gather around to announce a private concert. The gatherings start to move rhythmically with the sound of music in the twilight sea setting. Children carry on running and playing around with joy. With the arrival of the deep blue sky, the slim moon curving appears. Life continues to flow smoothly and freely at the sea pier with the appearance of night.



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