Why the HUAWEI Band 7 wins as The Urtla-Thin FullView Smart Band with a Long Battery Life, it is the best smart band in Egypt



Sun, 11 Sep 2022 - 11:28 GMT


Sun, 11 Sep 2022 - 11:28 GMT

Why the HUAWEI Band 7 wins as The Urtla-Thin FullView Smart Band with a Long Battery Life, it is the best smart band in Egypt

Why the HUAWEI Band 7 wins as The Urtla-Thin FullView Smart Band with a Long Battery Life, it is the best smart band in Egypt


Newer smart bands offer many of the premium features found on smartwatches, in addition to other advatages, including the fact that they are light in weight and sometimes more compact, making them more comfortable to wear all day every day, especially during workouts and sports. But Huawei smart bands are so popular because they offer more than just these. Huawei's smart bands have always stood out among the rest with their amazing design as well as health and fitness monitoring features. They also boast a better displays than other smart bands and a better experience overall. HUAWEI Band 7 is Huawei's answer to people's needs and expectations in 2022 when it comes to smart bands. The trendy new fitness tracker has a thin, fashionable and versatile appearance, solid battery performance, and various useful health management features, that is why we think that it stands as the perfect smart band at under EGP 1,400 price!


Urtla-thin smart band with a brilliant display

HUAWEI Band 7 is Huawei's Urtla-Thin FullView Smart Band with a thickness of just 9.99mm. The lightweight curved design helps the watch sit snugly on your wrist. The band only weighs 16g without the strap and features a 1.47-inch HUAWEI FullView display with urtla-slim bezels to give you the ultimate comfort. The screen-to-body ratio is just 64.88% for a more impressive visual experience. The urtla-narrow bezels and 2.5D curved glass display, combined with the high screen-to-body ratio, make the whole screen looks fuller and adds to the band's chic aesthetic.


HUAWEI Band 7 is available in Graphite Black and Nebula Pink to match your style and outfit.


2-week battery life

In a typical scenario, it offers a 14-day battery life, which ensures users can wear it all day long with continuous use, and monitor various body indicators, even when sleeping. The band can last for 10 days on a full charge, even if you are a heavy user[1]. It also supports wireless charging, which makes it all the more convenient.


A smart way to live healthily

Having a great design and a long battery life is fantastic. But most people also buy a smart band for health management. HUAWEI Band 7 monitors your SpO2, allowing you to set automatic low blood oxygen level reminders and provide intelligent monitoring of SpO2 levels. There's also the newly upgraded HUAWEI TruSeen™ 4.0 to track your heart rate quickly and accurately.


Thanks to HUAWEI TruSleepTM, the band can assess sleep quality identifying six types of typical sleep problems, while HUAWEI TruRelaxTM, a stress tracking algorithm can monitor your pressure levels.

HUAWEI Band 7 comes with the Healthy Living Shamrock, providing personalised health management by setting various healthy daily goals


Fitness tracking

If you love running, or working out, in general, you have some good reasons to get the HUAWEI Band 7. Equipped with Huawei's TruSport™ algorithms, the band can measure the training index of runners. The new running ability index (RAI) can measure your endurance level and running technic.


Convenience on your wrist

If all the upgraded health and fitness features weren't enough, the HUAWEI Band 7 has also gotten smarter. It now supports music controls, remote shutter, reminders (text messages, emails, social apps), weather, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, flashlight, find my phone, voice assistant, as well as quick reply to deliver a smarter and more convenient experience.


With users today depending more on their wearable devices for being on top of their health and fitness, HUAWEI Band 7, with its great display and long battery life, gets them all right. If you want smartwatch-like features, but for a more attractive price and with the convenience of a smart band, go for the HUAWEI Band 7.





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