8 famous activities to enjoy in Nabq Reserve in Egypt’s South Sinai



Sat, 25 Jun 2022 - 01:52 GMT


Sat, 25 Jun 2022 - 01:52 GMT

Nabq Reserve - file

Nabq Reserve - file

CAIRO – 25 June 2022: Enjoying the picturesque nature of Nabq, is one of the reasons that drive many travel enthusiasts to South Sinai, to visit the exquisite reserve to enjoy a number of distinctive and unconventional activities.


Nabq Reserve was declared a nature reserve in 1992.


In this report, et highlights some of the famous activities one can enjoy there:


1- Hunting: There are places designated for hunting in Nabq Reserve, in addition to specific times, and strict controls to prevent the occurrence of any problem associated with hunting endangered species.


2- Camping: It is one of the activities permitted in the reserve, provided that it is in one of the five areas designated for camping, with the need to inform the officials during ticketing, and to abide by the agreed place.


3 – Sight-seeing: You can also enjoy watching some animals such as deer, teal, foxes and hyrax. You can also see reptiles, rodents, resident and migratory birds, including the vulture vulture, waders and herons.


4- Marine beauty: Enjoying the famous marine resources in the reserve is one of the activities to enjoy watching fish, coral reefs, shellfish and natural plants.


5- Rare trees: There are other activities that can also be practiced in the reserve, like: seeing rare mangrove trees and forests, and areas for gathering arak trees.


6- Safari Trips: You can also participate in safari trips, hold private barbecues, and visit mangrove forests.


 7- Bedouin nights: You can also participate in the Bedouin-style nights, and enjoy the distinctive Bedouin food; the most famous of which are Bedouin-style fish and the Bedouin potato octopus.


8- Swimming and diving: These are among the most prominent activities in the reserve, enabling you to enjoy natural life without the restrictions of modern technology.



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