The Story behind Howard Carter’s House in Luxor


Tue, 14 Sep 2021 - 02:05 GMT

Carter's House in Luxor

Carter's House in Luxor

Across the mesmerizing west bank of Luxor, resides the house of the British archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter, the man who led the team excavating the tomb of Tutankhamun. The house where he lived during the years of this mission remain until today and has become a touristic site that many would like to visit.

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In 1907 French Egyptologist Sir Gaston Maspero recommended Howard Carter to Lord Carnarvon to hire him as a supervisor on the excavation project of Deir El Bahari’s tombs. His great accomplishment in this mission encouraged Lord Carnarvon to hire him again to lead the excavation of the Valley of Kings in Luxor. In November 1922, Carter made his great discovery of the secret chamber of Tutankhamun which was a discovery that piqued the world’s interest and attention.
Carter’s house has been uninhabited and forgotten after the mission which is why Egyptian archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass suggested the reopening of the house for visitors to give them an insight into how Carter spent those years of hard work and exploration. The house, which is now a museum, is recognized by its dome-shaped roof and is surrounded by lush greenery as well as a café on its side for visitors to relax after their tour. The house is still in its original state and is home to maps, old books, writings by carter, as well as antique furniture and a replica of Tutankhamun's tomb. 
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