Sharks’ Band: An Exquisite Culinary Addition to the New Alamein City


Thu, 15 Jul 2021 - 12:40 GMT

Sharks' Band Restaurant

Sharks' Band Restaurant

Sharks’ Band, the latest fine dining luxury restaurant in Alamein North Coast is a pleasant stimulation to unforgettable moments. The New Alamein city designed to the highest standards as so called fourth generation city was missing this cutting-edge attractive spot.
Sharks’ Band the newest addition by FOODOLOGY, takes in recreation and alongside business into a unique experience. From first class delicious food, to daily entertainment of live bands, vocalist and pianist within a gracious interior. A distinguished space inviting business functions and a cultural engagement. 
FOODOLOGY, originally founded by a group of passionate entrepreneurs, left nothing to call ordinary when sketching the beauty of this place. Starting from the name Sharks’ Band they set the deal to make everything look revolutionary and unconventional. From the dishes to the refreshments to the bakery, to the interior design and every other detail.
Driven by personal passion for food, music and design articulated by a power of purpose and wisdom the partners are presenting Sharks’ Band with a level best international cuisine, fresh to neighborhood in Sahel.
Sharks’ Band offers an interior as well exterior space paired to complement each other, but also to carry different moods from sheer sophistication to simple recreation. Primarily Sharks’ Band is offering very classy, hi tech business lounge for executive meetings and corporate functions, besides a refined state of the art restaurant. The Interior Decoration is a choice of eclectic styles merged in downright beauty and coherence, fusing different styles, yet all melted into a contemporary execution. 
Accessorized by stunning features and scented by teasing aromas. The creators invested all their technical, academic and practical knowledge to improvise with this complexity of design schools. The result is manifested into a unique blend of Styles all perfectly well arranged and tied together in color tones, fabrics, structures and elegance.
The Furniture, another score at Sharks’ Band, where every article is designed shaped and finished specifically to match the place and guest who will amiably use it. Flawless exclusive formations deigned to provide thorough comfort and wellbeing.

As said, there is no love sincerer than the love of Food, compelled with this moving love story every dish at Sharks’ Band will entertain your taste buds in delicacy and friendliness. A kitchen ruled and led by world class international chefs expressing their passion in a variety of dishes from Steamy Shrimps and Lobster to smoked meats and chicken, you will need your time to make choices.

Clearly to complement your delicious meal, creative drinks come to place, with forever changing consumer preferences and lifestyles, drinks and refreshments have become a unique category altogether. Assortments of fruits, seeds, spices, vegetable, diaries, and sodas all calling “Pick me Up for more”.
Determined to present a unique experience Sharks’ Band resourcefully motions a variety of entertainment every day. From live bands, to blues, to jazz, to dancing nights to 70’s music, you will find it all at this art full spot.

Now start planning your visit with your beloved and your friends and book your most favorite event from a surprising variety of events that will take place daily.


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