Statue of King Senusret I to be installed on Egypt’s Grand Museum’s Great Staircase


Tue, 09 Mar 2021 - 04:56 GMT

Three statues of King Senusret I - Press Photo

Three statues of King Senusret I - Press Photo

CAIRO – 9 March 2021: The Grand Egyptian Museum is currently working on installing the statue of King Senusret I on the Great Staircase.



Senusret I ruled after he was informed of the assassination of his father, King Amenemhat I. At that time, he was crown prince and he was on a military campaign.



Senusret I was one of the most powerful pharaohs of the 12th Dynasty. The young Pharaoh carried the legacy of his father and applied all his teachings, so he expanded greatly in Nubia, and launched two military campaigns in the 10th and 18th years of his rule.



He defined Egypt's official southern border near the Second Cataract and established a military garrison there, erecting a memorial plaque glorifying his military victories.



King Senusret I was able to build many shrines and temples across Egypt and Nubia. He built the temple of the deity Atun in the Heliopolis area [currently Ain-Shams & Matariya]. It was a major center of sun worship in Pharaonic Egypt.



Two obelisks of red granite from the distant quarries of Aswan were erected in this temple. One of them is still standing in place until now, to celebrate the 13th anniversary of his sitting on the throne of Egypt.



Senusret I also built his famous white cabin in the Temples of Karnak in Luxor for the same purpose.





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