Egypt’s Tourism Promotion Board organizes 5 awareness trips for a number of school, university students & medical staff



Tue, 09 Mar 2021 - 01:29 GMT


Tue, 09 Mar 2021 - 01:29 GMT

A visit to the Baron Palace in Heliopolis, Cairo as part of the "Know Your Country' initiative

A visit to the Baron Palace in Heliopolis, Cairo as part of the "Know Your Country' initiative

CAIRO – 9 March 2021: In line with the "Know Your Country" initiative launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in December 2020 to promote domestic tourism and raise touristic and archaeological awareness among citizens, the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board organized 5 awareness trips for a number of school and university students and medical staff to Aswan, Fayoum, Cairo, Port Said and Alexandria.


Head of the Internal Tourism Sector at the board Iman Mahmoud explained that these trips serve to familiarize citizens of all ages with the ancient Egyptian civilization, heritage and arts that their country possesses, and the tourist potential that Egypt enjoys, which works to enhance the spirit of loyalty and belonging to the people of the homeland so that each of them become an ambassador for Egyptian Tourism and Antiquities.


The Alexandria trip included a visit to the catacombs of Kom, the Aswari Column, the Royal Jewelry Museum, and the Qaitbay Citadel. 


As for the Portsaid trip, it included a visit to the Church of Saint Eugenie, the Military Museum, Ferial Park, the Abbasid Mosque, and the guides' villas of the Suez Canal Authority.


The board’s office in Sohag, in coordination with the Educational Administration, the Integration Department in the city, organized an awareness-raising trip for a number of students with special needs to Aswan for two days, during which they visited the High Dam, the Nubia Museum, the Botanical Garden and the Komombo Temple.


In addition, two trips were organized for medical staff affiliated with the Health Affairs Directorate in Port Said to Fayoum and Cairo as part of one-day trips. 


The Fayoum trip included a visit to the Kom Oshim Museum, the remains of the ancient city of Karanis, Tunis Village, the School of Industry and Exhibitions of Ceramics, Lake Qarun, and Wadi El-Rayan Reserve to visit the waterfalls and Jabal Al-Mudawara. 


As for the Cairo visit, it included the Giza pyramids area, the Saqqara antiquities area, the Royal Vehicles Museum, the Baron Palace, and Khan al-Khalili.


During these trips, groups of medical staff and students took memorial photos in archaeological and tourist areas, and thanked the board for these trips, which provided them with the opportunity to learn about the history and civilization of their country.


In a related context, and in line with the initiative, the board, in cooperation with a community institution, organized a number of awareness seminars for citizens of all age groups, followed by a competition on the Internet, where after each seminar a question was asked, and a trip was organized for the winners to the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir and Baron Palace.




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