Egypt’ Ministers of Tourism &Antiquities, Education discuss raising archaeological awareness among school students


Mon, 22 Feb 2021 - 10:34 GMT


CAIRO - 22 February 2021: Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, received on February 22, Dr. Khaled El Enany, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, to discuss a number of cooperation projects between the two ministries, especially with regard to increasing tourism and archaeological awareness and enhancing tourism ethics among school students.
 At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Tarek Shawky welcomed the attendees, stressing on the ministry's support to raise student awareness on the importance of the tourism and antiquities sector’s work to implement tourism ethics, especially among future generations.
 Dr. Shawky indicated that this will contribute to motivating students to learn more about the field of tourism, antiquities and the ancient Egyptian history and it will help in creating a passion for them later to learn more about this sector, which is in line with the broader goal of the new education system 2.0.
 He explained that the Ministry of Education seeks to include knowledge and awareness materials within the educational curricula of the basic education level, with the aim of clarifying how to deal with tourists and welcoming them as guests in our country, and instilling the values of acceptance and respect for the other amongst young people during kindergarten and basic education stage and reviewing the curricula of schools to teach them about, hotel tourism with the aim of enlightening them, as well as publishing a number of promotional awareness materials on the EKB, the educational channels and electronic platforms launched by the Ministry.
“We seek to create a passion among school students to learn more about tourism and antiquities in Egypt” Shawky said.
 The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Dr. Khaled El-Enany said that the ministry is working to revitalize the internal tourism movement by organizing trips for school students to various tourist governorates.
In addition to establishing touristic, archaeological activities and awareness programs to raise tourism and archaeological awareness among all segments of society, including youth and adults, school and university students, and people with special needs.
“The Ministry is working to raise tourism and archaeological awareness among school students and help them relate to their history by organizing trips for school students to different tourist governorates” Enany said.
 The minister emphasized the importance of learning tourism ethics and how to deal with tourists, as they have a very important impact on forming a positive mental image of the Egyptian tourist destination and contributes to increasing the competitiveness of the sector.
 The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities indicated that today's meeting comes in line with strengthening the efforts made by the state and the interest of the political leadership in consolidating the principles of tourism awareness, and spreading the ethics of tourism among all segments of Egyptian society to know the importance of the tourism sector and its role in supporting the national economy, explaining that the ministry has various awareness programs and activities such as the "Tourism Ambassador Program" and "Know Your Country Program", which contribute to spreading tourism and archaeological awareness among school students.
 The meeting dealt with the various methods of cooperation between the two ministries to work on enhancing and exchanging experiences to contribute to increasing tourism and archaeological knowledge and awareness among school students.
 The meeting was attended by officials of the Ministry of Education, like Ms. Sherine Hamdy, Supervisor of the Minister's Office Sector, Dr. Randa Shaheen, Head of the Public Education Sector, Dr. Nawal Shalaby, Director of the Curriculum Development Center, and Ms. Elham Ibrahim, Head of Services and Activities Sector. Officials from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities also attended, like Ms. Yomna El Bahae, Assistant Minister for Technical Affairs.  Dr. Soha Bahgat, Advisor to the Minister for Training, and Dr. Rasha Kamal, Director General of the Cultural Development and Community Communication Department.



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