Egypt’s megastar Mohamed Sobhy to present ‘Nogoom el Doher’ play



Sat, 13 Feb 2021 - 10:17 GMT


Sat, 13 Feb 2021 - 10:17 GMT

File: Mohamed Sobhy.

File: Mohamed Sobhy.

CAIRO - 13 February 2021:Egyptian megastar Mohamed Sobhy will present a new comic play titled ”Nogoom el Doher”.


Veteran Egyptian actor and theatrical director Mohamed Sobhy latest play “Ana w el Nahla w el Dabour” ( Me and the Bee and the Hornet) was for the 1st time on Ten TV in Eid el Adha, 2020.

The play tackles the new old conflict between men and women inside the home, in a sophisticated and serious yet comedy manner.


The play highlighted the important role of Egyptian in the society, away from the traditional manner in drama and cinema.

The play staring beside Sobhy, Samah el Saeed, Abdel Rehim Hassan, Hazem el Kady among others and directed by Sobhy.

Sobhy’s play "Khebetna" first show was on September 27, 2018. 

Sobhy previously recounted that he began the play in 2004 as the occupation of Iraq began.


He finished writing it in 2007, and during this period, he contemplated the fate of our nation in light of the events in Iraq. 

"I wondered what our problem was in the Arab world and answered this question in the drama of this play. ‘Khebetna’ is a work of magical realism," he said. 

The play is inspired by Francis Fukuyama’s “The End of History and the Last Man,” which tackles the final form of liberal democracy; the play is also influenced by the work of renowned historian Bernard Lewis. 

“Khebetna” was written in 2004, but performance prospects were delayed several times. 

The play has been adapted for relevance to current events. Studio Tamseel (Acting Studio) troupe will participate in “Khebetna”. Alongside Sobhy, the play stars Samah el-Saeed and Nada Maher, among others. 



It is noteworthy that the prominent actor celebrated the Golden Jubilee for establishing his theater group "Studio el-Momasel" (Actor Studio). It has been 50 years since its first performance in 1969. 

During the celebration, all those who graduated from Mohamed Sobhi’s Theater School in all acting categories were honored, whether they are alive or deceased, under the title "Mohamed Sobhy .. 50 Years of Theater.” 

The honoring ceremony included scenes of the plays that were presented during the theatrical group’s acting career, which reached 28 plays, performed by legendary theatrical actors, including Mahmoud el-Meligy, Tawfiq al-Duqen, Jamil Rateb, Suad Nasr, Mahmoud al-Qalawi, Shaaban Hussein, Khalil Morsi, Mamdouh Wafi and others. 

Sobhy was born in Cairo in 1948. In 1967, he caught widespread attention by playing the role of “Hamlet” in a unique adaptation for his final project at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. 

Sobhy graduated with honors and was later appointed as an instructor at the institute.
Sobhy began his theatrical career by performing minor roles in famous plays alongside great actors like Salah Mansour, Mohamed Awad, Fouad el-Mohandes and Mohamed Negm. 

His first minor yet influential role was in the famous play “Hello Shalaby” in 1970. Sobhy’s first leading role was in “Entaha el Dars Ya Ghabi” (The Lesson is Over, Stupid). 

Sobhy’s theatrical repertoire includes performances in “Al Joker” (The Joker), “Al Hamagy” (The Barbarian), “Weghet Nazar” (A Point of View), and “Carmen”, among others. 

He performed in many popular soap operas, including “Fares bela Gawad” (A Knight without a Horse) and “Yawmeyat Wanees” (Wanees’ Diaries). 

Carthage Theater Days Festival, which kicked off on December 8, 2017, honored Sobhy on December 11. CTDF organized a major ceremony to honor the veteran actor.


The event also included a seminar discussing Sobhy’s theatrical career, which was attended by various media personnel. 

The third edition of Sharm El-Sheikh Youth Theatre Festival management also honored Sobhy. 

The owner of Sama Company, Egyptian businessman Hassan Rateb, acquired 80 percent of the Soby-owned company Sonbol City. 

Rateb will transform Sonbol City into Sama Sonbol Academy, targeting young talents in various arts fields, such as music, singing, acting, directing and photography. The academy will become the second technical entity specialized in this field, the first being the Academy of Arts. 

Rateb previously pointed out that the academy also aims to maximize the cultural and artistic role in society. 

Rateb added that they are planning to update all studios to comprise the best modern equipment in photography, lighting and visual effects. Rateb also plans to introduce a number of specialists meant to help develop young talents. 

Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, the sovereign ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah, honored Sobhy on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at the opening ceremony of the 28th edition of Sharjah Theatre Festival. 

A cultured, enlightened and multi-talented artist who has enriched the Arab theatre with many plays, Sobhy’s rich theatrical experience has made him a role model for all Arab theatrical artists.



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