Egypt’s superstar Mohamed Fouad releases ‘Ahkelak’ song



Fri, 12 Feb 2021 - 07:27 GMT


Fri, 12 Feb 2021 - 07:27 GMT

File: Mohamed Fouad.

File: Mohamed Fouad.

CAIRO - 12 February 2021: Egyptian superstar Mohamed Fouad released on his official YouTube channel  his recent song ‘Ahkelak” on Friday, February 12.


”Ahkelak” is written by Osama Mehrez and composed by Waleed Saad.


In 2020, Fouad announced via his official Facebook page that released ‘’Shakwa Ella Allah’’ ( A complain sent to God) song.

The song was released after a long hiatus of 10 years since Fouad’s latest song clip ‘’ Bein Eidek’’ in 2010.


Fouad is one of the most prominent singers in Egypt and the MENA region especially during the 1980s and 1990s.


The Egyptian star was among the first singers in the region to film video clips for his songs, portraying a short story in line with the songs' lyrics.


Fouad filmed his first television series "Agla Min Hayaty" (So precious) in 2010 and hosted the television show "Khush Ala Fo’sh" (Come to Fo’sh) in 2014.

His most famed movies were “Ghawi Hobb” (Addicted to love), “Ismailia Rayeh Gay” (Round trip to Ismailia) ,Amrica Shika Bika” (America Shika Bika), and “Howa Fi Eih?” (What is going on?)



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