New season of ‘Amin and his Partners' to kick off on February 15



Mon, 08 Feb 2021 - 03:57 GMT


Mon, 08 Feb 2021 - 03:57 GMT

File: Ahmed Amin.

File: Ahmed Amin.



CAIRO - 8 February 2021: New season of ‘Amin and his Partners'  will kick off on February 15 on ON TV.
In 2019 the Egyptian Comedian launched a series of theatrical live shows entitled “Amin and Partners.” 

The live show was staged twice a week, at MUST Opera House starting January 31, 2019 and was screened on DMC.

A workshop of writers spent about three months to create a sketch-based theater that brought back Amin’s satirical social observations to the screens, in a newly innovated form that fulfilled his vision and passion for Egyptian theater. 

The theatrical show featured Amin along with newly introduced talents, as well as talents who were previously introduced in Amin's famous TV program 'Al Plateau'. 

Amin aimed at creating a talent hub through this project, that gives the space to young writers and actors. 

Amin’s first gig was “30 sanya.” videos on YouTube.
The low-production content was relate-able to his loyal fan base, then Etisalat sponsored his following show “El Break”. 

Amin’s first TV show “Al Plateau” became one of the most popular local comedy shows, with 131,330,187 views.
In Ramadan 2017, Amin participated with the famed comedian Akram Hosny in the popular comic series “Al Wassiya” ( The Legacy) . The series achieved a huge success. 

Amin played  the lead role in Netflix's first Egyptian series "Paranormal" which achieved booming success.

Set in Egypt in the 1960s, "Paranormal" sees Dr. Refaat Ismail plunged into a series of supernatural events as he attempts to unravel the mysteries behind each unique and unusual case. 

Egyptian actor and writer Amin played the lead role of Refaat Ismail.


The series, which went into production in November, 2019 was directed by Egyptian director Amr Salama joined by the Emirati director Majid al-Ansari. 

Salama, show-runner, producer and director of "Paranormal" previously said, “Amin brings a level of authenticity and a powerful on-screen presence that we felt was the ultimate fit for the portrayal of Dr. Refaat Ismail. With such a strong local cast paired with striking special effects, we can’t wait to get production underway next month.” 

Based on the late Ahmed Khaled Tawfik’s books that sold more than 15 million copies worldwide, "Paranormal" is Netflix's first foray into Egyptian drama."


Paranormal" was produced by Mohamed Hefzy, and Amr Salama. 

Staying true to the books, "Paranormal" was filmed in Egypt.


The series brought to life the supernatural, using powerful post production and visual effects (VFX) techniques the matte that complemented the  cast performances.



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