“Human Rights & the Culture of a Civilized Society” symposium to be held in Heliopolis Library on Dec. 19


Thu, 17 Dec 2020 - 01:15 GMT

FILE - Heliopolis Library

FILE - Heliopolis Library

CAIRO – 17 December 2020: The Heliopolis Library will organize on December 19 at 6 p.m. a cultural symposium entitled "Human Rights and the Culture of a Civilized Society", which is organized by the Jarah Cultural Salon and under the patronage of Nabil Helmy, president of the Heliopolis Association and professor of International Law.


Helmy stated that the symposium will deal with human rights from an economic, social and political point of view. The symposium will discuss the right to food and protection from being at risk of poverty and hunger, the right to mental and physical health care and the right to safe housing.


It also includes the right to social security, the right to work, and other rights.


Helmy pointed out that the general social awareness of rights and freedoms has increased due to the tremendous technological revolution in modern means of communication.


He also clarified that the symposium will shed light on the important role that various civil society institutions play as effective partners with official state agencies and institutions seeking to promote and protect human rights.



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