Egypt’s megastar Mona Zaki: Art increases my humanity’



Fri, 04 Dec 2020 - 03:29 GMT


Fri, 04 Dec 2020 - 03:29 GMT

File: Mona Zaki and Raya Abirached.

File: Mona Zaki and Raya Abirached.

CAIRO - 4 December 2020: The 42nd edition of Cairo International Film Festival organized a seminar for Egyptian megastar Mona Zaki seminar moderated by acclaimed TV presenter Raya Abirached.

“The beauty of my work is that it enables me to live inside the worlds of different people” Zaki said during the seminar.

On what has changed between wide eyed teenager Mona Zaki and esteemed actress Mona Zaki she said  that her desire to explore things more increased and the feeling that shr can stay two years at home until she receives the perfect project no more exists.

“ Also Now I started to watch people behind the camera because I learn more from them” she added.

The famed Egyptian star said that from her point of view Menna Shalaby has extraordinary talent, Hend Sabry is very cultured and Yasmine Abdel Aziz has high sense of humor.

“ I will participate in a movie that will tackle women issues in a different way that will be close to people, produced by Mohamed Hefzy and directed by Hany Khalifa” Zaki announced.

Zaki admitted that Art increased her humanity.

“ El Zawga 13 movie made me love acting and Ayam el Sadat is the closest to my heart from my movies” Zaki recounted.

Presenting the Faten Hamama Excellence Award to prominent film figures for their contribution to enrich the cinematographic art, the former holder of the award Egyptian star Menna Shalaby took the stage on the opening ceremony of Cairo International Film Festival announcing: “This year’s award goes to a star who opened doors for many actors of her generation and who inspired many with her roles.”

Shalaby added that Zaki is her dear lovely friend and that she was lucky enough to work twice with the late great Ahmed Zaki.

“Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the superstar Mona Zaki” Shalaby said.

Egyptian megastar Mona Zaki received the award.

Accepting the prize, Zaki asserted that as a teenager when she was an amateur theatre actress, she often attended the CIFF.


She added that it is a great honour to be awarded a prize carrying the name of the legendary actress Faten Hamama.


“ I am also extremely happy to be honoured in the same edition that honors the veteran script writer Waheed Hamed, a veteran scriptwriter who I benefited a lot from” Zaki said.



 Zaki added that she tried to write a speech but at the end decided to speak directly from her heart.

“ I am happy to be honored from the festival of my country Egypt” Zaki said.

The Egyptian megastar said that she dreamt, dreaming and will continue to dream.

“ I am grateful to all those who I worked with” Zaki said.

Zaki said that she is proud of her job as an actress.



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