October Panorama welcomes children of the “People of Egypt” initiative


Tue, 01 Dec 2020 - 02:32 GMT

FILE - October Panorama

FILE - October Panorama

CAIRO – 1 December 2020: The General Authority for Cultural Palaces organized a cultural and artistic program for children, within the activities of the sixteenth week of the “People of Egypt” children-integration project, organized for the children of the governorates of Matrouh and Cairo, which aims to educate the youngsters about the history of their homeland, instill cultural identity in them, and increase archaeological awareness and education.


It includes field visits to sites and museums that bear witness to the nation's history, so that its people can be proud of it and realize the greatness of their ancestors and the valor of their army, as the third educational tour was a visit to the October Panorama, which includes within its walls the features of the conflict and wars that the Egyptian army fought through the ages, starting from the era of King Mina until the war of honor and dignity in the glorious October war that the army and the people fought against colonialism and fought for the liberation of their homeland and the restoration of its occupied lands in an epic war that dazzled the world for a people who sacrificed for the sake of their homeland and did not despair or fear the treacherous enemy and its strength, smashed the invincible Bar Lev line, defeated the Zionist army, restored its dignity and lands, and raised the Egyptian flag on its land on the eastern bank of the canal.


The children wandered through the panorama between the machines and weapons used in war and a scene from the army crossing the canal.


From inside the Hall of Challenge and Resilience, the children watched a documentary film about the war, starting with the 1967 setback and the deception the army was subjected to.






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