Egypt’s culture min. visits the Library & Museum of the New Administrative Capital



Wed, 18 Nov 2020 - 03:05 GMT


Wed, 18 Nov 2020 - 03:05 GMT

Egypt's New Administrative Capital - social media

Egypt's New Administrative Capital - social media

CAIRO – 18 November 2020: Advisor to the President of the Republic for Financial Affairs Mohamed el-Amin, received Egypt’s Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem, to visit the Museum of Arts and the New Capital Library, within the framework of cooperation between the Ministry and the City of Arts & Culture, to provide the library with several publications of the Ministry of Culture.



Abdel Dayem also visited the museum and observed the preparations made to receive the museum content of the City of Arts' Museum in the New Capital, for which a group of artworks from the museum’s holdings of the Ministry of Culture will be loaned for a year.


The Minister of Culture praised the ongoing facilities in the City of Arts & Culture in general, stressing that the project confirms the state’s interest in arts & culture and Egypt's cultural leadership.

Egypt's Min. of Culture during her visit to the New Administrative Capital Library & Museum



The City of Arts & Culture established by the state in the New Administrative Capital is the largest artistic and cultural city in the Middle East, to become the destination of scholars, researchers and intellectuals and a beacon for artistic, intellectual and cultural creativity.



Egypt’s government was able to establish this mega city at a record time, and at the level of pace, harmony and solidarity among the various state institutions concerned.



Within about 30 months, state institutions have succeeded in establishing the largest artistic and cultural city in the Middle East in the New Administrative Capital, according to the highest international specifications and the finest architectural designs, to become the focus of attention of the whole world and the Middle East in particular, for surpassing the cities of culture and arts in it, in terms of the construction and the capabilities to be implemented.



The City of Arts and Culture in the Administrative Capital was established on an area of ​​127 feddans. It houses a number of theaters, galleries, libraries, museums and art galleries for all types of traditional and contemporary arts, including music, drawing, sculpture, handicrafts and others.




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