El Gouna Film Festival organizes panel discussion about Ocean Souls


Sat, 31 Oct 2020 - 09:52 GMT

CAIRO - 31 October 2020: The fourth edition of El Gouna Film Festival organized a panel discussion pertaining to Ocean Souls, with the attendance of the emotive documentary’s director and producer, Philip Hamilton.


“It took us two years of production. Normally, it would have taken 5 to 10 years, but with the help of 107 filmmakers, we succeeded in significantly shortening that period,” Hamilton began.


He added that he toured around the world to shoot the film, in countries including New Zealand, Indonesia, Egypt, India and Argentina.

“Since I was a child, I loved the oceans and wanted to understand marine life more. That’s why I came to Egypt ten years ago; to discover the underwater world, incidentally falling in love with it,” stated Angela Ziltener.

She continued,“Transforming
scientific papers into a documentary was a challenge, but the outcome was great. The film turned out very easy for everyone to understand.”

Concluding the panel, Samih Sawiris, Founder of El Gouna, said, “We need to love our planet more, and to take care of it for the coming generations.”

He also affirmed that Egypt is a great country with amazing locations for shooting, expressing hopes that the permit processes can become easier for international filmmakers, so the beloved Egypt can become a more attractive destination for the international film industry.

It is also worthy of note that El Gouna was the first destination in Africa and the Arab Region to receive the Global Green Award in August 2014.

Sponsored by the United Nations Environment Program, this award is handed to cities displaying substantial measures and efforts in progress within the field of environmental sustainability.




Among the attendees were Founder of El Gouna, Samih Sawiris; and Biologist and Marine Conservation specialist, Angela Ziltener. The panel was moderated by Intishal Al Timimi, director of El Gouna Film Festival.




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