Egypt’s El Gouna Film Festival organizes Digital Media in the Wake of a Global Pandemic panel


Thu, 29 Oct 2020 - 06:06 GMT


CAIRO - 29 October 2020: A panel was held as part of CineGouna’s sessions to discuss how Covid-19 has affected media companies and the industry, and how they managed to survive or grow. 

The panel discussed how during these troubling times, Netflix had 16 million users; documentaries on Vice were internationally successful; 2.6 billion users on Facebook; Zoom added 8 billion dollars to their fortunes; and Shahid saw exponential growth. 

In just 26 weeks, media companies enjoyed accelerated growth that would have otherwise taken years.

This data proves that content has been king for the masses during the pandemic. 

Streaming has put these experiences in context, where consumer habits have shifted and grown dramatically—simply, there is now no such thing as content that cannot be streamed. 

In one example, Shahid focused on dramatically expanding eir content base to accommodate the expectations of consumers online. 

They resorted to producing their own—and acquiring external content—to ensure a diverse platform for all their users. 

Tiktok also reveled in massive success, proving to us that a mobile application can be more successful than entire companies.

With that said, the biggest success during the pandemic has been the gaming industry, as well as the integration between gaming and content development, creating a community.

On the downside, the pandemic has harmed many businesses, including the advertising agency field.

Minly, however, focused on creating positivity and bridging the gap between celebrities and their fans with their new mobile application. 

The video-shout-out application is set to grow exponentially, as online users are enthusiastic to connect with stars, sharing the content on respective social media platforms.

Whilst most media companies focused on content diversity, other business priorities during the global pandemic included.

The panel witnessed the participation of a notable group of experts included Dominique Delport, VICE Media’s President of International & Global Chief Revenue Officer; Tarek Hosny, co-founder and CEO of Minly; Jakob Mejlhede and Moon Baz, Strategic Partner Manager for Media Publishers for Facebook in the MENA region. It was moderated by Ahmed Abbas, founder and CEO of DigiSay.



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