“People of Egypt” project for Cultural Integration resumes program in Abdeen Palace


Wed, 28 Oct 2020 - 12:47 GMT

The tour inside Abdeen Palace - Press photo

The tour inside Abdeen Palace - Press photo

CAIRO – 28 October 2020: The General Authority for Cultural Palaces continues to present the activities of the “People of Egypt” project for children (Cultural integration) for the third day in a row for the children of Aswan and Cairo, according to a statement issued by the General Authority for Cultural Palaces Wednesday.


The visit for the third day was to Abdeen Palace. The guide began the tour by introducing the children to the history of the palace explaining that it was named after a military commander in the army of Mohammad Ali Pasha, who built the palace in that spot. 


After his death the Khedive bought it and rebuilt it again after adding an area of 5,000 meters of greenery.


This palace is an architectural masterpiece and a treasury of fortunes. It contains within its corridors many of the leaders and presidents holdings. It is also the largest palace built during the reign of Mohammad Ali Pasha.


It was the seat of government from 1872 until 1952





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