Egypt’s Modern Dance Troupe performs show on Oct. 1 – 2 at Gomhoriya Theater


Tue, 29 Sep 2020 - 05:16 GMT

Egypt's Modern Dance Troupe - ET

Egypt's Modern Dance Troupe - ET

CAIRO – 29 September 2020: The Modern Dancing Troupe is performing a show entitled "Deeper than it appears on the surface" designed and directed by Monadel Antar on Oct. 1 - 2 at 8 p.m. at the Gomhoriya Theater.


The show seeks, through innovative kinetic designs, lighting and decorations, to confirm the relativity of the logical constants that have been established in the human mind and are known to human societies.


Everything in the universe is relative, including time, so time on Earth, for example, is not like its counterpart in other planets and galaxies. 


The show reinforces the idea of respecting others' opinions and accepting intellectual difference.


It is worth noting that the Modern Dancing Troupe was established in 1993 and is the first of its kind in the Arab world.


The troupe won several awards, including the prize for best scenography at the Cairo International Festival of Experimental Theater, and also represented Egypt in specialized international festivals, including Carthage International in Tunisia, Chang Mu (Korea), Bruges (Belgium), Contemporary Dance Festival (Casablanca), International Rabat Festival (Morocco) and Recklinghausen (Germany).


Furthermore, the troupe made artistic tours in both Italy and China, where it presented a number of shows included in its repertoire and was appreciated by theater and dance critics in the most important international newspapers and magazines.




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