When will GEM’s hanging obelisk become 100% completed?


Mon, 28 Sep 2020 - 04:14 GMT

World's 1st Hanging Obelisk will be housed at the Grand Egyptian Museum

World's 1st Hanging Obelisk will be housed at the Grand Egyptian Museum

CAIRO – 28 September 2020: The first thing the Grand Egyptian Museum visitors are expected to see is the hanging obelisk of Ramses II, standing tall in front of the main façade of the museum, and occupying an area of 28,000 square meters.


Once completed, it will be the first hanging obelisk in the world. Behind that idea was Atef Moftah, the supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum and the surrounding area. 


Moftah stated that the structure of the hanging obelisk has been 100 percent completed, and the finishes have been 80 percent completed, leaving only the cladding of the columns.


According to Moftah, although this work is simple, it is geometrically complex, because the obelisk must be preserved from any vibration emanating from the subway construction, or cars in the vicinity of the museum, so a very accurate system was made to protect the obelisk’s body from such vibrations.


Moftah stated that within two or three weeks, the first part of the obelisk will be erected, followed by the other parts. The obelisk may be 100 percent complete in October 2020, according to Moftah.


The much anticipated opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum is set to take place in 2021.





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