Egypt’s El-Hadra troupe to perform at El Sawy Cultural Wheel on September 26


Sat, 26 Sep 2020 - 05:06 GMT

File: El-Hadra Troupe.

File: El-Hadra Troupe.




CAIRO - 26 September 2020: Egypt’s El-Hadra troupe will perform at El Sawy Cultural Wheel on September 26.


It is worth mentioning that El-Hadra Troupe for Sufi songs was founded in 2015 to preserve the spiritual heritage of recitals and to present the Egyptian Sufi heritage . 


It includes a group of vocalists of different styles that love Sufism. 


Their program includes a collection of poems for the poets: Mohiuddin Ben Arabi, Al-Hallaj, Ibn Al-Fardar and others. 





Nour Nageh, an artist and Sufi devotee, is the founder of El Hadra troupe.



With oud, drums and powerful voices, El Hadra had started out its performances of Zikr and Hadra at El-Raba Cultural Center in Islamic Cairo, reflecting the whole spiritual experience from mosque to theater. 


El Hadra’s members belong to various Sufi orders, not one specific order. It derived its name from the word “Hodor”, which means "presence". 


It refers to Sufi chanters who recite Quran and praise Allah and the Prophet Mohammed. 



The troupe has performed many concerts in various culture places in Egypt and it succeeded in forming a broad public turnout.




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