Egypt’s ‘Zenzana 7’ tops Egyptian box office


Tue, 22 Sep 2020 - 03:24 GMT

File: Zenzana 7 poster.

File: Zenzana 7 poster.



CAIRO – 22 September 2020: Egyptian film "Zenzana 7" (Cell 7) topped Egyptian box office, achieving revenues that surpassed those of "Taw’amRouhy" (My Soulmate) which claimed the second rank and "El-Ghassala" (The Washing Machine) which came in the third place.

Nidal el-Shafei, one of the protagonists of "Zenzana7", embodies Mansour, a man who gets imprisoned. 


Ahmed Zaher embodies Harbi, who is just an ordinary man who gets caught up in a chain of problems that eventually causes him to be detained.


Mansour and Harbi end up meeting each other in Cell 7, hence the name of the movie.


“Cell 7” stars Ahmed ZaherNidal el-ShafeiAbeerSabri, Maya NasryMenna FadhaliEhab FahmyMedhat Tikha, Ahmed el-Tohamy, Amy Islam, Mostafa Haredy, Ashraf Abdel Aziz and AymanKeshk.

It is written by Hossam Mousa and directed by Abram Nashaat




Meamwhile, the events of the romantic-comic movie "Taw’am Rouhy" revolves around a strong love story between a young couple who faces many problems and obstacles that renders their love story impossible to last.


Taw’am Rouhy” stars Hassan el-RadaddAminaKhalil, Aicha Ben Ahmed among others.


The movie is written by Amina el Tounsy and directed by Osman Abo Laban. 



Written by Adel Salib and directed by Essam Adel Hamid, "El-Ghassala" follows Omar who uses the washing machine to get rid of the obstacles that drive a wedge between him and the girl he loves, Aida.

Headlined by Mahmoud Hemida, Ahmed Hatem and Hannah el-Zahed, along with Mohamed SallamBayoumi Fouad, Ahmed Fathy and Taher AbouLeila, the film guest stars Mohamed Tharwat, Mahmoud el-Leithy and Ali el-Tayeb and features a special cameo appearance by Sherin Reda.

"El-Ghassala" is produced by New Century Productions, Misr International Films, and Synergy Films.



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