Egypt’s GEM general supervisor confirms that state will not allow building on archeological area


Sat, 19 Sep 2020 - 08:45 GMT

File: Grand Egyptian Museum.

File: Grand Egyptian Museum.




CAIRO - 19 September 2020: Egypt is currently witnessing radical changes in its infrastructure in order to build a better country and achieve a better future for successive generations. 


A number of national projects were launched following the challenging time that led to the June 30 Revolution. 


Among these projects are the Grand Egyptian Museum and the development of the Giza Plateau, and how the region will be transformed by linking these two sites. Giza is a global tourist attraction and a highlight of Egypt’s Tourist Map. 


Recently a number of people have stated that two highways have been built through the Giza Plateau near Cairo, claiming its impact will damage one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 


Egypt would never randomly, and without comprehensive and adequate studies by a group of specialists and experts, inflict such damage. 


Major General Atef Moftah, General Supervisor of the GEM Project, stated that there are fundamental differences between solutions, a quick remedy and radical solutions. What we are currently undertaking in Egypt are radical solutions. 


We conduct an exhaustive study of the problem from its roots before we start to deal with it. Although they are difficult remedies to any problem, we must consider our decisions for the long term. 


Over the last 50 years not all decisions have been beneficial; however, these current radical decisions have been made with the future generations in mind.


Major General Atef Moftah stated that the construction of this road is currently going through a very rigorous investigation process. 


Under investigation is the extent of impact that this road may have on the surrounding areas, while achieving a smooth flow of traffic. 


There is a need to reach the best conditions possible because traffic fluidity achieves fuel and time efficiency, which benefits the psychological comfort of our society; thus benefiting us to a large extent.


Major General Atef Moftah added that the State at the present time is carefully focusing on what it is making now. 


Decision-makers do not look at things in isolation. In order to choose the best results many studies and scenarios are carried out to the highest degree, every problem has a first and second alternative -and there may be a third solution, we then make a comparison between all alternatives before a plan is enacted.



Major General Atef confirmed without reservation and categorically that the State would never allow a road to be built over an archaeological area. 


In reference to those who love to appear on television channels to criticize; they will not deter our energy and determination to build a better future.


The General Supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum Project said that the State takes serious and deliberate decisions and is far from being just a quick remedy and media chaos. 


Road construction in Egypt is done after careful scientific studies.


The State will not be affected by those who want to break our resolve.




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