All you need to know about exhibiting King Tutankhamun’s artifacts in Hurghada Museum



Sun, 13 Sep 2020 - 03:38 GMT


Sun, 13 Sep 2020 - 03:38 GMT

Part of King Tut's belongings - ET

Part of King Tut's belongings - ET

CAIRO – 13 September 2020: Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has completed the preparations for the temporary exhibition of some of King Tutankhamun's treasures, which are displayed for the first time in Hurghada Museum.


That came after the Supreme Council of Antiquities' decision to temporarily display 10 pieces that belong to the Golden King in Hurghada Museum, which has recently been inaugurated.


What is the purpose of displaying the pieces of King Tut in the Hurghada Museum?


The temporary exhibition aims to attract tourists in Hurghada to see the treasures of the young king for the first time, and learn about the ancient Egyptian civilization and the importance of art and life for the ancient Egyptians.


What is the story of exhibiting the 10 pieces?


The artifacts selected for temporary display in the Hurghada Museum narrate part of the young king's life, in addition to highlighting the beauty and sophistication of ancient Egyptian art.


After the temporary exhibition ends in Hurghada, where will King Tutankhamun’s belongings be transferred to?


The pieces will be transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum, scheduled to open in 2021.


What is the main piece among the ten artifacts?


The gilded wooden statue of the deity Ptah is the main piece of the exhibition.


What are the details of Tutankhamun’s artifacts displayed in the Hurghada Museum?


The artifacts set to be displayed in Hurghada Museum include an ushabti statue wearing a golden ferret, a colorful canopy pot lid in the shape of the king's head, an ushabti statue wearing a doodle crown and holding a comet and scepter, an ushabti statue wearing a wig, a cobra made of bronze, a gold necklace, a stopper of colored wood placed inside a trumpet made of silver and another made of gilded silver, a blue faience headrest, Tutankhamun’s chair inlaid with ebony and ivory, the king's bowl that takes the form of an open lotus flower, and a mirror box made of gilded wood inlaid with glass and agate.



Are the preparations for the king Tutankhamun’s temporary exhibition’s display scenario in the Hurghada Museum completed?


Yes, the finishing touches have been completed in preparation for the opening of the temporary exhibition of the Golden King Tutankhamun in the Hurghada Museum.



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