Egypt’s movie ‘El Ghassala’ garners over 12,000,000 L.E



Sun, 30 Aug 2020 - 03:31 GMT


Sun, 30 Aug 2020 - 03:31 GMT

File: El Ghassala poster.

File: El Ghassala poster.




CAIRO - 30 August 2020 : Egyptian movie “El Ghassala” ( Washing Machine) garners 12,000,000 L.E in one month.

“El Ghassala” the only Egyptian movie that was screen in cinemas in Eid el Adha season.

Lost mouse, a washing machine, time traveling…and more! Official trailer for El Ghassala was released featuring insane science experiments.

Released by New Century Productions, Misr International Films, and Synergy Films, the new Sci-Fi is now available in cinemas across Egypt and the Arab world in Eid Al Adha and was premiered on July 30.

El Ghassala's trailer revealed characters who seem to have time traveled to the 1990s to sort out a problem and they got stuck in there.

Headlined by Mahmoud Hemida , Ahmed Hatem and Hannah El Zahed, along with Mohamed Sallam, Bayoumi Fouad, Ahmed Fathy and Taher Abou Leila, the film guest stars Mohamed Tharwat, Mahmoud El Leithy and Ali El Tayeb and features a special cameo appearance by Sherin Reda.

Written by Adel Salib and directed by Essam Adel Hamid, El Ghassala follows Omar who uses the washing machine to get rid of the obstacles that drive a wedge between him and his girlfriend.

The film marks the second collaboration between Ahmed Hatem and Hannah El Zahed, after Love Story that was released on Valentine's Day 2019 to a huge success in Egyptian cinemas.

Produced by New Century Production, Misr International Films (MIF), and Synergy Films, El Ghassala is distributed regionally by Dollar Film, and internationally by N Star.




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