Final date for submitting designs for Egypt’s Administrative Capital’s memorial extended to Aug. 9


Wed, 29 Jul 2020 - 02:01 GMT

Egypt's much anticipated New Administrative Capital - ET

Egypt's much anticipated New Administrative Capital - ET

CAIRO – 29 July 2020: The final date for submitting the designs of the memorial set to be placed in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital has extended to August 9, according to the Fine Arts Syndicate.


The designs must be submitted no later than 12 p.m. at the syndicate’s headquarters in a closed envelope with the contestant’s name, membership number, mobile phone and email address. 


Any works submitted after the aforementioned date and time will be discarded.


The memorial is designed with a Pharaonic character, using Pharaonic columns and motifs. The height of the memorial reaches 30 meters. It consists of two circular parts.


Competition Outputs:


-  A colored animated diagram explaining the work, which should be commensurate with the scale and character of the memorial, is presented on a panel size of 50 * 70.


-  A projection drawing for the facades and a horizontal projection with a suitable drawing scale showing the work sizes and the finishing materials, on a 50 * 70 board.


-  A plaque explaining the idea and work studies 50 * 70.


-  A report explaining the work, means of implementation, expected time period for implementation, requirements for implementation, and the estimated cost.


-  An envelope containing the name and previous experience of the contestant and a copy of their syndicate ID.


-  In case a team is participating, the aforementioned will be required for each individual, in addition to a clarification of the role of everyone who participated in the work, delegating a team leader to represent the team in any legal and material action.


-  The contestant can submit any item that they deem important to clarify the work; however, the stereoscopic floor should not exceed the size of the board, 50 * 70. The items must be placed on a base of wood and fixed well.


The contestant can also submit a video of the proposed design, provided that it does not exceed 3 minutes. 



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