Egypt’s GEM houses dazzling integrated display of Tutankhamun monuments


Tue, 21 Jul 2020 - 04:23 GMT

File: Eissa Zidan inside the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

File: Eissa Zidan inside the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.





CAIRO - 21 July 2020: The Grand Egyptian Museum Executive Affairs for Restoration and Transportation of Antiquities Eissa Zidan said that the Grand Egyptian Museum will House everything worthy of the greatness and splendor of the Golden Pharaoh, King Tutankhamun.

The visitors of GEM will enjoy an integrated display of monuments that will dazzle the whole world. Zidan added that everyone working in the museum contributes to this historical achievement.

The Grand Egyptian Museum will be the largest museum in the world dedicated to a single civilization, the ancient Egyptian civilization.

This one of a kind museum is tailor made to preserve and exhibit Egypt's precious national heritage. The museum consists of state-of-the-art conservation laboratories, educational facilities, temporary exhibition halls, a children’s museum, a conference centre, restaurants, cafes, shops and large gardens for everyone to enjoy.

GEM will house over 5000 artifacts of Egypt’s most famous king Tutankhamun's treasures, from his royal tomb, many never seen in public before. The Main Galleries show material from the Prehistoric to the Roman periods, while the entrance areas focus on Kingship and Power. All GEM exhibitions will be contextualized for the visitor with stories, texts, digital interactions and media displays.

The Grand Egyptian Museum will contain the first ever hanging obelisk on show at the entrance of the museum.

Zidan said that the restoration and construction of the world's first hanging obelisk will be completed soon and placed in front of the main facade of the museum, with the bottom of the obelisk containingthe cartridges of King Ramses II.

The obelisk was designed by General Supervisor of the Grand Museum Atef Moftah; it allows the visitor to see the archaeological base below it and by looking at the top of the obelisk, cartridges of King Ramses II can be seen, according to Zidan.

Zidan further explained that the obelisk will be hung on four columns, taking into account the loads and vibrations on the body of the obelisk. The hanging obelisk will be the first artifact the visitor will see outside the lobby of the museum.

He added that the word (Egypt) will be engraved in all languages on the columns and on the sides of the base bearing the obelisk.

The inauguration of the Grand Egyptian Museum is one of the main events that Egypt and the whole world is waiting for in 2020.

More than 49,603 artifacts have been moved to the Grand Egyptian Museum so farAmong the most important transferred artifacts were the statues of King Ramses II, Sekhmet and Seti, in addition to a huge pink-granite portray of Ramses VI, and another distinguished set of statues that showcasethe mastery of ancient Egyptian art.




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