Egypt’s Min. of Culture prepares massive program to celebrate July 23 Revolution



Tue, 21 Jul 2020 - 03:08 GMT


Tue, 21 Jul 2020 - 03:08 GMT

Egyptian Folkloric Tanoura Dance – Press photo

Egyptian Folkloric Tanoura Dance – Press photo

CAIRO – 21 July 2020: Egypt’s Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem said that the July 23 Revolution had written a prominent page of honorable struggle in the modern national history and succeeded in embodying the aspirations of the people of Egypt through its lofty principles that achieved independence and called for freedom and equality.


Abdel Dayem explained that the necessary precautionary measures will be taken into account during the celebrations to ensure public safety. She further stated that the sectors organized various activities in several open places. 


Egyptian Opera House:


The Egyptian Opera House, headed by Magdy Saber, is organizing an artistic celebration performed by singer Reham Abdel Hakim, with the participation of a group of Arab music stars of the opera, accompanied by the musical band led by maestro Mohamed el-Mougy.


The iconic poet Gamal Bakhit will be the celebration’s guest of honor. The celebration will be held at 8 p.m. on the evening of July 23 at the opera’s Fountain Theater.


The concert will include a collection of immortal patriotic works.


Fine Arts Sector:


The plastic arts sector, headed by Khaled Sorour, will open eight art and national museums that are included in the gradual reopening plan, namely Gamal Abdel Nasser Museum, Mustafa Kamel Museum, Taha Hussein Museum, Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum, Mohamed Nagy Museum, Inji Aflatoun Museum and Hassan Heshmat Museum.


That is in addition to the Fine Arts Sector in Alexandria, which holds, in cooperation with the governorate, an exhibition of a group of historical documents from the municipal library holdings, which are being presented for the first time. The exhibition shows a number of facts pertaining to the revolution, in addition to a selection of works by foreign artists who stayed in Alexandria at this time and lived through the events.


The National Center for Children's Culture:


The National Center for Children’s Culture, headed by Mohamed Abdel-Hafiz Nassef, will also broadcast a number of electronic activities on its YouTube channel, including a number of national lyrical works. Also, a puppet celebration of the July 23 Revolution will be performed by artist Nasser Abdel Tawab and sa documentary film on the July 23 Revolution will screen as part of the events.


General Authority of Cultural Palaces:


The authority, headed by Ahmed Awad, will organize a major artistic celebration at the Open Theater of the Asmarat Culture Palace from July 25 to 27. During the celebration, the Youth Troupe for Arabic music, the Nile Troupe for Music and Singing, and the traditional Tanoura Dance Troupe will perform respectively.


Also, a number of seminars and artistic shows will be broadcast online in their official social media platforms.


The Egyptian National Library & Archives:


The Egyptian National Library and Archives, headed by Nevine Mohammad Musa, will broadcast on its official YouTube channel a recorded evening entitled “Readings for Aspects of the July Revolution After 68 Years”. It deals with the economic and social program of the July Revolution, its achievements, and Arab relations with Egypt after its events. This is in addition to a recorded art evening entitled "The National Song in the March of the July Revolution” which presents interviews with pioneering musical figures.


A file that includes a set of documents and decisions issued by the Revolutionary Command Council will also be presented. This includes the request of the army officers for King Farouk to abdicate, a constitutional declaration from Mohammad Naguib, assigning Gamal Abdel Nasser to form a ministry, and other important documents and a collection of PDF books on the history of the revolution.


The National Center for Translation:


The National Center for Translation, headed by Ola Adel, provided a 50 percent discount on all publications at the center's outlet until the end of business hours on Thursday, July 23.


The channel of the Ministry of Culture on YouTube will broadcast on July 23 at 9 p.m.  a selection of the most famous national songs.










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