New study explains Hyksos were born in Egypt, never invaded it


Thu, 16 Jul 2020 - 01:14 GMT

Imaginary drawing of Hyksos invading Egypt - Social media

Imaginary drawing of Hyksos invading Egypt - Social media

CAIRO – 16 July 2020: A new study claims that the Hyksos were born in Egypt from immigrant ancestors who settled in Egypt for many years, eventually carrying out an uprising and seizing power.


The study also stated that the ancient Egyptian people welcomed immigrants and that the Hyksos built a city in Egypt’s Delta. 


Also, the study revealed that the Hyksos were keen on giving birth to many children in order to increase their numbers, and once the ancient Egyptian rulers faced difficulties and weakened, the Hyksos seized the opportunity and took over the country.


The study, published in Plus One, says that there is a foreign lineage, known as the Hyksos that ruled parts of Egypt between 1638 and 1530 BC, and are believed to be rooted in the Near East. 


Also, the study showed that in the former capital of the Hyksos in the eastern Nile Delta, the burial culture is characterized by a mixture of Egyptian elements and elements derived from the Near East.


However, investigations are still ongoing as to where the Hyksos came from and how they came to power.


The study says that the influx of non-locals can be observed in the pre-Hyksos period (12th and 13thDynasties, circa 1991-1649 BC) during placing the constitution of this important coastal city, while the number of individuals who were already born in the Delta was greater during the Hyksos period.


This is consistent with the assumption that, while the ruling class had origins from the Near East, the rise of the Hyksos to power was not the result of an invasion, as popularly assumed, but rather of internal domination of the foreign elite.


Additionally, the study confirmed that some see that the story of the rise of the Hyksos to power in the 15thDynasty in ancient Egypt (about 1640-1530 BC) is fabricated. This is based on the words of the Ptolemaic priest Manitou, who came 1200 years after the Hyksos.


He described the Hyksos as a force that invaded the northeastern Nile Delta during the second transitional period at a time when Egypt was a weak country.






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